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Waller's Coffee Shop

Where Coffee and Music come together.

Waller's Coffee Shop a place for community, coffee, and music.  We serve Kaldi's coffee and we bake our own goods in house.  We serve Breakfast Biscuits, Scones, Brownies, Cookies, and Wraps. Beer and Wine is served during our events.  We encourage folks to wear a mask when appropriate.  Our Outer Space has meandering trails and a small waterfall to sit by. The muscadine canopy  keeps it shady in the summer and 10 degrees cooler.  In the winter months it's nice to stand around a campfire and sing songs together and roast marshmallows.  The  Outer Space can be rented from 5pm-9pm for $250 and the Inner Space from 6pm-10pm $200 




Waller's Coffee Shop

240 Dekalb Industrial Way

Cafe Hours    8am-5pm

Event Space Hours 6pm-10pm

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Rent our space! 

Community Event Space

We rent our inside and outer space for

all types of events! 

The Beans

Coffee is roasted by Kaldi's Coffee

started in St. Louis. Try blend 700 for a smooth body and dark chocolate finish perfect for drip coffee or espresso.

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